Asylum Party: Picture 1 12" (new)

Deanwell Global Music


Well-done reissue of this killer post-punk banger from 1988 France.

Our take: Reissue of this 1988 French coldwave LP that has become quite the sought-after rarity. It makes sense that this is so desirable because it's about as prototypical of a coldwave LP as you'll find. Take the sound of Cure albums like Faith or Pornography or mid-period Siouxsie and make it a bit slower and, well, colder, and you pretty much have what this is all about. While I tend to like stuff like this that's a little too up-tempo to really qualify as coldwave (my favorite Siouxsie song is probably "Cities in Dust"), I have to admit that this one definitely has some big, incredibly memorable hooks. The only real downside is that so many recent bands have tried to recreate the precise same vibe achieved on this LP that it is perhaps a bit hard to hear it with fresh ears, but if you have even a passing interest in coldwave this is definitely an LP that should be in your collection, and this perfect looking and sounding reissue sure beats the hell out of dropping three figures on an original.
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