Artcore 30 Year Anniversary Issue with Oi Polloi / Grand Collapse split 7"



ARTCORE FANZINE - THE THIRTY YEAR ANNIVERSARY ISSUE IS OUT! With the OI POLLOI / GRAND COLLAPSE Split 7” EP. Four song 7" EP on green vinyl with foldout sleeve, die-cut inner and download code. Expanded 48 page printed fanzine featuring interviews with TAU CROSS, HENRY ROLLINS, OI POLLOI, PILLAGE, MAAILMANLOPPU, SORRY STATE RECORDS, EPIC PROBLEM, DRY HEAVES, SPOILERS and HOLIDAY. Vaultage features Jam The Controls - Killed By New Wave in Post Punk America, New York City Peace Punk by Freddy Alva, THE FIX, AGRESSION, the art of Randy 'Biscuit' Turner', reviews and more. Thanks for supporting Thirty Years of a D.I.Y. Punk Rock Fanzine.

Our take: Latest issue of this long-running UK zine, and as usual it features thoughtful writing as well as Welly's equally thoughtful and detailed graphic design. Also as usual, it's absolutely jam-packed with content... you get interviews / features with current bands/people/projects Tau Cross, Henry Rollins, Oi Polloi, Pillage, Maailmanloppu, Epic Problem, Dry Heaves, Spoilers, Holiday, and even yours truly, Daniel of Sorry State Records. You also get the usual features on older bands: the Fix, Agression, the art of Randy "Biscuit" Turner of the Big Boys, and a feature on NYC peace punk. And Welly also includes his recent pattern of including music with each issue, and this time it's a split 7" between Oi Polloi and Grand Collapse. Despite having been at this zine for 30 (!!!) years, now, Welly continues to exude a ton of passion for the product and the zine still feels like it means something. Pick up this issue and be transported back to a time when being a punk entailed more than clicking "retweet."
Tags: 10s anarcho hardcore punk uk zines