Artcore #29 zine with Terminal Decay Compilation 12"



Issue 29 of this long-running UK zine featuring Amebix, Night Birds, Arctic Flowers, 1981, Ruidosa Immundicia, Hygiene, Agent Orange, MDC, Alec Mackaye, and many more. This issue also comes with a killer international punk compilation featuring mostly-exclusive tracks from 1981, the Rebel Spell, the Furloughs, Bad Sam, Arctic Flowers, Fracaso, Knuste Rutter, Agent Attitude, 40 Hells, Hygiene, Night Birds, Ruidosa Immundicia, Burnt Cross, Off with Their Heads, DHK, Endless Grinning Skulls, Vengeance, Pettybone, the Estranged, and Burning Sensation. Obviously this is a ridiculous value for what you're getting, and as you can see from the track list this comp has some pretty damn essential music. Get on it!

Tags: 10s compilations melodic USHC