Arms Race: Gotta Get Out 7"

Painkiller Records


Debut 7" from this NWOBHC (that's New Wave of British Hardcore for the uninitiated) band that features a few former members of my old tour buddies Stab. Aside from the fact that Arms Race play hardcore, this really doesn't sound too much like them at all... I remember Arms Race was just starting to get off the ground last time I saw the Stab folks and word was that they were going for a more straightforward Agnostic Front-style thing. They definitely hit that old NYHC sound pretty much on the head, particularly on the second track, "Bastard," which has some really cool chunky punches that could have come right off of Victim in Pain. Arms Race don't confine their NYHC influence to Agnostic Front, though... this also has something of Urban Waste's warped guitar sound and mutated punk riffs in its DNA as well. I haven't heard a lot of talk about Arms Race in comparison with the other NWOBHC bands, but with strong artwork and a heaping helping of meaty riffs this is definitely worth your attention.

Tags: 10s hardcore nyhc oi! UK