Anti-State Control: Glue-Sniffing Blues 7" (new)

Vomitopunkrock Records

$8.50 $10.00

Official reissue of one of (if not Thee) the rarest UK anarcho punk 7"s.
Anti State Control were from Great Dunmow in Essex and had their brief
moment in the sun in the early 80's. They recorded a cassette called 'We
Are The Leopards' and a practice tape but their only proper single was 1983's
'Sniffing Glue Blues' ep which is now one of the rarest UK punk singles from
the 80's. The last copy sold for over 700 pounds on Ebay. 'Sniffing Glue
Blues' starts all mellow before bursting into life and rage. It's a thrilling yet
amateur punk rock nugget. Limited to 300 copies reissue
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