Anti-Cimex: Scandinavian Jawbreaker 12"

Nada Nada Discos


Official reissue of Anti-Cimex's final 12" from 1993. Anti-Cimex were around for quite a long time and by the time of this final 12" they had quite a different sound than on their mega-raw early records. By this point they could seriously play their asses off, and they show it with a much more metallic sound that's equal parts d-beat, Motorhead, and even a little bit of thrash metal riffing here and there. Of course, this is no Grave New World... the vocals are still harsh and the songs are still heavy, pounding, and succinct, but the riffs are more complex and the solos in particular are much more structured. This is the sound that later metallic d-beat bands like Disfear would use to get huge, but Anti-Cimex were one of the first to the table, and they still might be the best at this particular style. And of course, like the rest of Nada Nada Discos's reissues, this has a gatefold sleeve, liner notes, great sound, and all in all gives this legendary recording the respect it deserves.

Tags: 90s D-beat hardcore punk reissues Scandinavia sweden