Anti-Cimex: Criminal Trap 12"

Nada Nada Discos


Official reissue of Anti-Cimex's classic first 12" from 1986. It's crazy how there are at least four distinct eras of Anti-Cimex, all of which are completely awesome. This is certainly the pinnacle of what I'd call their third era, which laid on a little bit of polish that wasn't there on the early EPs, but had yet to evolve into the more Motorhead-inspired sound of their later records. This is really textbook d-beat, and it was obviously a huge influence on later bands, especially Totalití_r. This is a lot of people's favorite Anti-Cimex record, and while it's blasting out of the speakers at the shop I'm inclined to agree. Like all of Nada Nada Discos's official reissues, this features great sound as well as expanded packaging, including a gatefold sleeve full of lyrics, photos, and liner notes. Absolutely essential Swedish d-beat.

Tags: 80s d-beat hardcore reissues scandinavia sweden yoobl