Anti-Cimex: Absolut Country of Sweden 12"

Nada Nada Discos


Official reissue of Anti-Cimex's penultimate 12" from 1990. I've said it before, but I always love bands with big discographies... it's so cool thinking about all of the releases together, seeing how they evolved and speculating about what influences and other factors led them to change in the ways they did, and aside from perhaps Discharge themselves, there's no better d-beat band to do that with than Anti-Cimex. Absolut came out between their S/T 12" (also referred to as Criminal Trap) and their final album, Scandinavian Jawbreaker, and indeed it sounds like the midway point between those two records. They're definitely starting to incorporate some rock riffing (particularly on mid-paced tracks like "Dogfight"), but they still sound pretty much like a d-beat band, whereas by Scandinavian Jawbreaker they were much more of a d-beat rock 'n' roll kind of thing. At the end of the day, though, there are no bad Anti-Cimex records, and this is a critical stage of their evolution and just as awesome as either of their other two 12"s.

Tags: 80s 90s d-beat hardcore reissues sweden