Angel Du$t: Xtra Raw 7"

React! Records


Debut 7" from this new Baltimore hardcore band. These guys have a really cool and original sound... there's definitely a Bad Brains-esque element here as there's a bit of a groove to the rhythms, but it's also super catchy and super hardcore at the same time. At times they remind me quite a bit of that first Restless Youth 7" that everyone loved a few years ago, but really it's not all that similar to that either. Even though there aren't really any comparisons to be made sonically, it reminds me of Cold World in that when you hear it for the first time you're like "what the hell is this?," but then you just want to listen to it again... an utterly unique and, I must say, infectious record. React! Records

Tags: 10s melodic sXe USA USHC