Angel Du$t: Rock the Fuck On Forever 12" (new)

Pop Wig Records


Hailing from the fine city of Baltimore, MD, Angel Dust brings their second LP of blissed-out, melodic punk/hardcore that brings together the worlds of Lemonheads and Bad Brains like nobody before them has, all brought to you by members of bands like Trapped Under Ice and other freaks. Vinyl version includes digital download.

Our take: So, there's a new Angel Du$t record, and if you can't get down with vocal harmonies, bright, major-key riffs and/or Pennywise then you can stop reading right now. All that being said, I don't particularly like any of those things, but I definitely get why Angel Du$t is a thing. Their songs are interesting, they have heaps of good riffs, and they write really catchy choruses. It sounds like pop-punk reimagined for people who cut their teeth on progressive post-hardcore (or, as many refer to it derisively, mosh metal), and while combining those two sounds isn't exactly chocolate and peanut butter in my book, I give Angel Du$t heaps of credit for being one of the most conceptually inventive and original-sounding bands I've heard in a long time.
Tags: 10s hardcore melodic USHC