Andy California: S/T 7"

Can't Stand Ya! Records

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6 parts Delta Blues and 4 parts Hasil Adkins, Andy California! (aka Andy MacBain - Tunnel of Love, The Monsieurs) gives us the scuzz, snarl and soul we crave... Every, note and lyric crunches under the heavy weight of distortion and spring reverb as Andy delivers American folk blues with hardly any semblance of modern fusion.

Our take: I'm sure that someone with a deeper knowledge of the current primitive garage/blues scene than me could give you a whole list of relevant comparisons for this, but with my limited knowledge the best I can do is take a blind stab. These two songs are extremely primitive yet somehow still very punk, which is interesting because the music is clearly very rooted in the blues, particularly Howlin' Wolf, whom the singer sounds quite a bit like (which means that, by extension, he also reminds me quite a bit of Captain Beefheart). While it's hard for me to contextualize Andy California (the closest thing I can think of it sounding like is some of Dan Melchior's stuff?), these are two solid, interesting songs. So, since I'm doing such a bad job with this maybe what you need is a SoundCloud link so that you can listen for yourself:
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