Anasazi / Survival: Split 12"



In 2013, NYC goth punk/post-punk bands Anasazi and Survival (who both share members) convened in a member's solar to record what might be the wildest recording of each band. Without the pressures or constraints of a studio, each band recorded demo tracks of future studio recordngs, though none of these songs ever sounded as insane as these sessions. The LP cover is an updated version of the cassette over with copies coming with a special surprise. So glad this has finally been put to vinyl where it belongs.

Our take: LP version of what was originally a split cassette between these two dark NYC punk bands. You might recognize a couple of the Anasazi songs from their recent LP, Nasty Witch Rock, but these versions are a lot rawer and more direct. It's funny, one of my few gripes with that Anasazi LP was that the production was a bit muddier than I would have hoped, but I think this even rawer sound actually suits the band even better. These tracks have an explosive energy that Nasty Witch Rock didn't capture as well, particularly on the electronic-based final track, "I Was a Teenage Criminal," which is pretty much straight up industrial, like a DIY version of Ministry or Nine Inch Nails. It's a great track and it's definitely exciting to hear Anasazi pushing the boundaries of their sound. As for Survival, they generally ply a more industrial take on the death rock / goth-punk sound. While they don't play with the same level of confidence and power as Anasazi, the more interesting sonic textures on their side of the split--including some nice use of drum machines and heavily effected guitars--helps ensure this side of the split will get just as many plays as Anasazi's. Limited to a one-time pressing of 500 copies, so don't sleep!
Tags: 10s gb325 melodic nyc post-punk raw recommended synth-punk yoobl