An Invitation: This Is an Invitation 7" (new)

Trash King Productions


Demo-on-a-7" from this new Virginia band featuring a Satan's Satyr on vocals. No metal or really even rock here, though... this is full tilt Black Flag / Fang-inspired punk rock. Totally killer.

Our take: Demo-on-a-7" from this band out of Virginia featuring a member of Satan's Satyrs. This isn't one of those "never should have been pressed" demos... these three songs are fully-realized, well-developed punk that sounds like it comes from a seasoned band and not a bunch of newcomers. Even though the music is a little faster, I think Fang is a really good reference point for An Invitation... like Fang, this sounds very punk, while at the same time having one foot in a bit more of a "rock" sound and somehow squeezing an almost incomprehensible amount of catchiness out of what, in lesser hands, would probably be a pretty grim sound. I have a feeling that fans of Annihilation Time would also be quite into this, though it's rawer, grimier, and definitely way more punk. Highly recommended, and I can't wait to hear what's next from this band.
Tags: 10s hardcore punk