An Invitation: Life as the Victim cassette



Second cassette release from this Virginia band that features members of Satan's Satyrs. While still punkier than the Satyrs, this time around there's more of a heavier rock vibe a la 70s-era Pentagram. Still totally killer.

Our take: Second cassette from this Virginia band, and it's a lot more rock than their first one, but still very punk. Last time they had more of a Fang-esque riff-y punk vibe, but this time around the riffs are even more "rock" and remind me a lot of 70s-era Pentagram, but with lots of really crazy guitar shredding and a vocalist that screams rather than sings. It's pretty much split down the middle between that heavy, riff-oriented punk sound and heavy and driving 70s rock, and while that's a really tough combination to pull off An Invitation do it ably. Usually I'm all about things being as punk as possible, but I like this direction that An Invitation is headed in and this tape is even better than their first. Highly recommended!
Tags: 10s punk recommended rock stoner rock yoobl