American Hate: Dead Squeeze 7"

Not Normal Records


Debut 7" from this band from the unlikely locale of Oklahoma City. The label description mentions United Mutation and Mecht Mensch, and I think those are pretty good reference points. The riffs do have that catchy, slightly askew midwestern quality that I associate with bands like MM, Articles of Faith, early Tar Babies, and the like. It's a similar well of influences that Sorry State favorites Dark Ages draw from, and honestly it's almost a little creepy how much American Hate sound like Dark Ages in places, though they're quite a bit rawer and sloppier. They're own songs are killer and would be more than enough to get my recommendation, but the best thing on here is a completely wild, inventive cover of Devo's "Mr. DNA" at the end of the 7"... they really turn the song inside out, making it faster and heavier of course, but also adding some wild space noises to their normal hardcore style. Not Normal's latest batch of releases is pretty much straight fire, but American Hate can hang 100%. Recommended.

Tags: 10s hardcore midwest punk recommended ushc