Alienation: 2016 7"

Warthog Speak Records


Second EP from hardcore's best kept secret – Halifax, Nova Scotia's ALIENATION. 11 tracks of venom-flinging, neck-snapping, raging thrash that's equal parts Negative FX, (early) Poison Idea, and some ripping Swedish shit. Taking the fury of last year's 12" EP and ramping up the intensity without losing the riffs. Don't sleep on this shit. Limited to 250 copies on black vinyl, with 125 copies each of neon green and neon pink covers.

Our take: I pretty much flipped out for Alienation's debut 12" on Warthog Speak a while back, and this new EP ups the ante considerably from that. As before, Alienation play a style of hyper-fast hardcore that I'm not generally inclined to like... usually when the tempos get into Neos / Septic Death / Larm territory bands lose the groove and I consequently lose interest, but Alienation have no such problems. Not only does their music never turn into an incoherent blur, there's actually a striking amount of musical sophistication here, albeit delivered at a speed so blistering that it might be a little difficult to process. More importantly, though, they have that magical hardcore x-factor that makes their records sound completely explosive. There's a little Black Flag, a lot of Deep Wound and Siege, a fair bit of Neos (and they even drop in a sick, blink-and-you-miss-it Dicks cover), but at the same time it sounds very much like its own thing. Without a doubt one of my favorite hardcore bands currently going, and highly recommended if there's still any place in your heart for the 'core.
Tags: 10s canada fast hardcore noisy recommended ushc