Alienation: 2015 MLP 12"

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Straight-up stunning 12" follow-up to a couple great demos from this Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada HC unit. Thirteen flashes of brilliant hardcore that touches on the best of '80s US hardcore as much as it does the Hudiksvall* scene. The ALIENATION sound exists in a similar orbit as recent greats, GAS RAG, but faster. Without mincing words, this is my favorite record I've heard in so long. Everything about. Listen or regret it.

Our take: Debut 12" from this band out of Halifax, Canada, and it is one of the most explosive, exciting hardcore records I've heard in quite a while... easily the top hardcore record of this month and it's making me wish I could go back and revise the year-end list that I submitted to MRR. It really is that good! It's funny, the record actually starts out with a blast-beat, which right away gets Alienation off on the wrong foot with me, but they quickly win me back over. While most bands go for tightness, Alienation are very much in the tradition of loose and wild hardcore... I hear elements of bands like Void, Septic Death, and Headcleaners in their sound, but they're so blisteringly fast that it also seems necessary to drop comparisons to the fastest-of-the-fast bands like Deep Wound, Siege, and the Neos. They're hardly a soundalike band, though. Their music sounds direct, honest, and vital in a way that very few straight up hardcore bands in the year 2015 have sounded to me. At the end of the day who can tell what separates a great hardcore band from a merely good one? A person with a clear, concrete answer to that question could make literally hundreds of dollars exploiting the market for current DIY hardcore records, but the rest of us will just have to settle for knowing it when we hear it, and I hear it here. Highest possible recommendation!
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