Alicja Pop: Rats: Home Recordings 12" (new)

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"ALICJA POP, aka ALICJA TROUT, Memphis's favorite daughter and among many other things of LOST SOUNDS fame and the RIVER CITY TANLINES brings us a look into another aspect of her vast musical skills with the release of these legit home recordings recorded between 2009 and 2013. Six of these ten tracks have never seen the light of day and currently only one of these tracks is in print (and just barely). Alicja also has gone all Paul McCartney on us because Alicja is doing 100% of the instruments, all the production and the recording herself. Alicja does a superb job in every hat she is wearing for Rats including of course the songwriting..."—Tom Smith AKA Timebomb Tom. Black vinyl edition of 500 copies with double sided glossy insert.
Tags: 10s 65804 garage indie reissues synth-pop yoobl