Albert Demuth: S/T 12"


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Self-released solo LP from Aaron from Cottaging as well as Sorry State favorites Libyans, but it's really different from either of those bands. This strikes me as the type of record that most people will completely ignore, but some people will like a lot. It's definitely one of the most unique, striking, and powerful records that I've heard in some time. Sonically, I'm kind of at a loss to describe this thing. It's minimal, airy, and has an almost impossibly dark vibe that you just can't get from heavy music. The centerpiece is Aaron's vocals, which are a deep baritone that can't help but remind me of Nick Cave. There aren't really any epic choruses or other things that will suck you right in... this is difficult, depressing music, but incredibly well thought-out, uniquely arranged, and perfectly recorded. It's the kind of record that feels like a world unto itself, and as anyone with a big record collection knows those records are few and far between and very, very special. As with everything Aaron does, the packaging is also unique and striking. I feel like I don't have the words to get this record to the people who will enjoy it most, but just listen to a track below... if this record gets its hooks into you it won't let go.

Tags: 10s indie