Air: Virgin Suicides 12"

Parlophone Records


French duo Air's soundtrack for the Sofia Coppola-directed (yes, THAT Coppola) film THE VIRGIN SUICIDES is a far cry from the bouncy post-disco sounds of their earlier efforts. Instead of light, cheery, and fun music full of ironic wit, this album delves into darker regions. Dance beats are clearly not the agenda here, as the largely instrumental album paints moody sonic portraits that bring to mind the highly textured '70s work of art-rockers like Eno and Pink Floyd. In fact, much of THE VIRGIN SUICIDES sounds more like a batch of vintage prog-rock outtakes than like the work of Europe's most cutting-edge electronic popsters. Breaking the vocal silence (but not the dark mood) are "Playground Love," sung by Gordon Tracks, and the album's closer, an extended, unsettling monologue delivered by a deep, nightmare-inducing voice.
Tags: 00s indie reissues