Aggro: My Vice 7"

Beerdrop Records


One of two simultaneously-released debut EPs from this fast and catchy punk band from Tokyo... for fans of Louder, Teengenerate, the Registrators, etc.

Our take: One of two simultaneously-released debut 7"s by this Japanese punk band. This EP is a bit shorter than the other one and even more aggressive, sounding more like raw, garage-inflected hardcore than hardcore-inflected garage. "My Vice" is an absolutely explosive song, taking the Black Flag influence you can hear in a lot of the band's songs and pushing it to the point where it's completely over the top. Not only is this track built around a totally early Flag-worthy riffs, but in the solo/outro section the song also threatens to devolve into a cacophony of manic, Ginn-inspired, fuzz-drenched soloing. Much like Jealous Again-era Flag it never quite flies completely off the rails and the tension between the structured and anarchic elements makes for a super exciting listen. If you can only get one of the two Aggro 7"s it should probably be this one, but really you probably need both.
Tags: 10s garage japan melodic punk recommended