Aggro: Maelstrom 7"

Beerdrop Records


One of two simultaneously-released debut EPs from this fast and catchy punk band from Tokyo... for fans of Louder, Teengenerate, the Registrators, etc.

Our take: One of two simultaneously-released debut 7"s by this Japanese punk band. There seems to be a mini-renaissance of Registrators / Teengenerate-inspired bands happening at the moment, and Aggro are right there with Louder as one of the most exciting bands in the style. If you've heard Louder, Aggro are definitely in a similar vein, but thanks to some extremely harsh, treble-heavy production and some particularly gnarly riffs they actually sound a little punker than Louder on this 7". However, they have the same combination of garage-punk riffs and melodies with hardcore energy and aggression that makes this style a winner with so many different sub-scenes within punk. Grab this one and the other one released at the same time... both are certified scorchers!
Tags: 10s garage japan melodic punk recommended