Aggression Pact: S/T 7"

Painkiller Records


Debut 7" from this studio project (though they have played one live show at Damaged City Fest) featuring Mark from Wasted Time / Mercy Killing on vocals and Danimal and Ryan Abbott (both of literally too many Boston bands to mention) on instrument-playing duties. Everyone should know by now that Mark is one of the most commanding vocalists in punk today, and pretty much anything he sings for is going to be top-notch, especially when backed up by a couple of pros like Danimal and Ryan. Musically, this is very much in the vein of fist-pumping hardcore like Wasted Time and Mercy Killings. Which makes me wonder, do the members of all of these respective bands just bring to the projects things that sound like "Mark songs," or is his presence just so distinctive that he can't help but put his own personal stamp on whatever he sings on? I'd imagine there's probably a little of both, but that's hardly a criticism; if you can write catchy, powerful hardcore like this then I'm definitely going to be interested. So, while there aren't any big musical surprises, you get exactly what you signed up for, and that's some bruising hardcore punk.

Tags: 10s hardcore recommended USHC yoobl