Agent Orange (NL): Demos 12"

Gummopunx Records


Collection of unreleased studio material from this landmark Dutch hardcore punk band, compiling their first demo tape, a raw mix of their classic Your Mother Sucks Cocks in Hell 7", and a demo for their 2nd EP. That description makes it sound like something of a hodgepodge, and admittedly I was a bit skeptical before I actually heard this, but this is a top-notch release all the way around. This is an official reissue, and I imagine they must have gotten very good source material for these tracks because the sound quality is absolutely incredible. Maybe it's because these versions of the songs I know already are a hair slower than the ones that would later appear on vinyl, but I feel like this collection showcases the slightly more melodic side of Agent Orange's sound. I mean, that's something that I associate with Dutch hardcore in general (Nog Watt being another really good example), but this collection also makes me realize that Agent Orange had a lot more in common with Funeral Oration than I would have made a case for previously. Still, this is absolutely raging, and if you dig aggressive yet melodic stuff like Husker Du's first couple of records, Funeral Oration, or early Articles of Faith, then the Dutch Agent Orange are required listening. In addition to the great sound, I should also mention that this collection has top-notch packaging as well, including a poster insert and an interview with the band.

Tags: 80s Europe hardcore netherlands recommended reissues