Aerosol Burns: S/T 7"

Pogo Time Records


New 7-inch by a brand new band, the Aerosol Burns, which features Matt Mayhem (Young People with Faces, No Tomorrow Boys) on bass/vocals. It's fiery DIY power pop straight from the garage, full of hooks.

Our take: Single from this Canadian band who play power pop, but with the emphasis very much on the first part of that equation, i.e. power. Instead of Exploding Hearts-influenced jangle, expect something heftier and more bottom heavy along the lines of Buzzcocks tracks like "Harmony in My Head." I'd say this also fits in quite well with a distinction Canadian tradition of this particular strand of heavy guitar-pop that runs at least as far back as the Pointed Sticks and at least as far forward as the Tranzmitors. It's kind of one of those things that's too good to be called pop-punk but not retro enough to be called power-pop, but there are enough people who know a good song when they hear one that they should be able to shift this 250-copy, hand-numbered pressing.
Tags: 10s 77&KBD canada melodic power-pop yoobl