Advlts: Black Bile 7"

Toxic Pop Records


Advlts is the new-ish outing from members of some of Baltimore's favorite punk bands, like The Fuses, The Uniform, Deep Sleep, and Paper Dragons. Influences range from classic rock 'n' roll like The Saints and Rose Tattoo to British art-punk like Wire and The Fall to early American hardcore like Circle Jerks and The Germs. This is their second EP (their self-titled first EP was released on Southpaw Records) and their first outing with the new line-up featuring Mike Riley (Paper Dragons, Pulling Teeth) on vocals and Brendan Bartow (The Fuses) on guitar. Catchy toe-tappers mingle with short, sharp blasts of punk fury. This is the type of band that fits well playing with well-groomed rockers, sweaty basement punks, and everyone in between.

Our take: Heretofore I've mostly thought of Toxic Pop as a pop-punk label, and that is a style that, with a few notable exceptions, I simply cannot abide. However, this killer 6-song debut by Advlts is right up my alley. The label's description pretty much hits the nail on the head when they say that the band combines the classic '77 punk sound with some quirkier art-punk elements adapted from bands like Wire and the Fall. Minus the quirky parts this isn't too dissimilar to what Rough Kids are up to, but what this really ends up sounding like to me is 90s Japanese punk like the Registrators and Teengenerate. Back in the 90s people probably would have called this "garage," but now that the whole Burger Records scene has co-opted that term it's clear that what those bands were playing was really just '77 punk sped up and made noisier and nastier. That's pretty much what Advlts do, too, and the quirky, off-kilter leads and vocals are the perfect balance of salt to the sweetness and poppiness of a lot of the more classic-sounding punk riffs. Even at six songs this leaves me wanting more, so I'm hoping this band takes a stab at a long-player sooner rather than later.
Tags: 10s 77&KBD garage melodic punk recommended yoobl