Achtungs: Welcome to Hell 12"

Going Underground Records


Second 12" from this Finnish punk band, coming hot on the heels of a slew of other releases on labels like Going Underground, Total Punk, and Ken Rock. The Achtungs definitely have a working formula by this point: fast tempos, vocals that are somehow at the same time snotty, gravelly, and catchy, and taut, economical songwriting that's like a slimmed-down, hyper-efficient version of the '77 punk that we all know and love. While all of their releases sound rather similar (this particularly recording is quite bass-centric for whatever reason), they do have a habit of sending their catchiest, fist-pumping songs to the 7" format and reserving 12"s for total tours-de-force. It's not that the material is any less great, it's just that the songs link together so seamlessly that it's hard to imagine just listening to one or two and not the record as a whole. Seth pointed out that the vibe here is similar to the second Carbonas LP, and there are few higher compliments in the world of garage-punk. If you're an Achtungs fan you're probably going to get all of their releases, and if you're interested in checking them out this is as good a place to start as any.
Tags: '77&KBD 10s europe finland garage melodic recommended scandinavia