Abuse.: S/T 12"

To Live a Lie Records


Raleigh, North Carolina's Abuse. had a pretty ripping 7" of raw power violence a few months back, but they've already gone and put out a full-length. It's a bit different from the 7" sonically, relying on a big, heavy professional recording (from Kris Hilbert, the same guy who did the recent Future Binds 7" on Deranged). The result is that rather than sounding like a raw, scrappy band like that did on the 7", the band's almost ridiculous tightness comes to the fore on the LP. The recording actually reminds me a lot of No Man's Slave, and the songs aren't that far removed from it either... definitely one of the best straight up power violence bands going today.

Tags: 10s fast grind metal north carolina power violence