Absolut: Punk Survival 12" (new)

Electric Assault Records


Debut 12" from this Toronto crust band, and it's totally over the top in the best way possible. The production is heavy and metallic, reminding me a bit of Scandinavian Jawbreaker-era Anti-Cimex, but the vibe is totally different from that record. I always thought of the mid-period Cimex stuff as being very controlled and contained records, but this record (despite having really clear, almost metallic production) just sounds wild, like the band are having an absolutely great time recording it... listening to this I can't help but think of heaps of crusties all slammed to the front of the stage, pumping their beers in the air and having a great time. It's weird that a band can pull that off without coming off like a lame, contrived "party band." I must admit I'm not totally sold on the heavily distorted and delayed vocals, but the music is just so explosive and raging that it's impossible not to love this.

Tags: 10s canada D-beat noisy recommended