A-Frames: 333 3x12"

S-S Records


“For S.S. Records fiftieth release we are very, very, very proud to announce the A-FRAMES 333 triple album. Back in 2000, when SS, Sr. first saw the A Frames, he knew he had to start a new record label to release their stuff. And with the help of SS, Jr., that is what he did. From the Plastica 45 to two critically acclaimed full lengths and a couple more 45s, the A Frames/S.S. relationship remained so solid that when the A Frames jumped to Sub Pop records, the S.S. production team of CHRIS WOODHOUSE and SCOTT SORIANO went along for the ride. So now, after years of talk, SS and the A-Frames have gathered their singles and EPs together with a whole bunch of demo recordings, outtakes, and unreleased tracks for a forty-two song, triple album set.”
Tags: 00s garage post-punk reissues