VCR: Greatest HIts 7"

Barfbag Records


Debut 7" from this Toronto band released on a new label called Barfbag Records (I think?), which is run by Greg from S.H.I.T. / Not Dead Yet Fest / being a generally awesome Toronto dude. Apparently VCR are a bunch of teenager and they play raw, catchy synth-punk... it kind of sounds like a mix of Hank Wood & the Hammerheads, Ausmuteants, and Vaginors, and it really combines the best qualities of each. With seven tracks crammed onto this 7" they don't waste any time... everything is short, snappy, and catchy as hell. If this came out on Total Punk Records (and I wouldn't be surprised if they ended up on that label sometime in the future) the garage crowd would be flipping out, but with this coming out on a brand-new Canadian DIY label it feels like an exciting little secret. If and when this band blows up, mark my words this is one of those 7"s that you will kick yourself for not picking up, so you know what to do.

Tags: 10s canada garage recommended synth-punk