Rakta: Tudo que í© Sí_lido 7"

540 Records


Brand new single from this Brazilian band released to coincide with their recent US tour. Everyone's kind of flipping out about this band, I think partially because the whole thing is so unexpected... this awesome, all-woman band comes out of nowhere from Brazil playing this unique, tribal take on post-punk, tours the entire world and wins the hearts of the punk scene. That's not to say their music is easy or immediate... in fact, it's quite the opposite. They tend to operate at this lurching, dirgey tempo that definitely takes a little bit of getting used to if you live on a steady diet of punk and hardcore, but once you get over that hump this is a great single. I'm sure I could list a bunch of really cool, obscure and vintage post-punk bands that Rakta sound like, but honestly what I'm reminded of most is the recent British band Savages. Both bands have a distinctly post-punk sound that somehow doesn't sound overly retro, and both seem willing and determined to challenge their audience. This 7" is all atmosphere, with nary a trace of a pop hook or catchy melody, but at the same time there's a hypnotic quality that keeps me listening. Honestly I wasn't enamored with their 12", but this single has made me a fan.

Tags: 10s female-fronted latin america melodic post-punk