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Daniel is Sorry State's founder and owner. While his passions have always been 80s hardcore and '77 punk, these days he spends just as much time listening to 60s and 70s psych, prog, and art rock, jazz, and whatever other weird sounds he can find. He also tries his damnedest to hear every cool punk record that comes out. His favorites include the Fall, Wire, Discharge, the Buzzcocks, Wretched, Leatherface, the Jam, the Kinks, Poison Idea, and too many others to name.

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Seth has been with Sorry State since the brick and mortar store opened. On top of the general day to day SSR work he also makes the New Release Cheat Sheet videos. He particularly enjoys the dumbest most obscure 70s punk he can find but fills the rest of his listening with a healthy doses of anarcho-punk, Japanese hardcore, power pop, minimal synth and any of the other wonderful things that fall under his very broad definition of punk. Things you are most likely to hear if you walk into his house - Crass, The Jam, Solid Space, Upright Citizens, Kleenex, The Cigarettes, Rudimentary Peni, The Stalin, Wire, Bastard, The Slits, Gauze or some random unlistenable KBD garbage that he loves.

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Jeff is another og member of the Sorry State crew, slangin’ punk records at the brick and mortar store since opening day back in 2013. While working the counter, he loves to blast 80s US hardcore, UK punk classics, some goth, and all resemblances of Scandinavian punk/mängel at loud volumes. Also, affectionately earning the nickname “Jef Leppard” amongst his fellow Sorry Staters, Jeff has a reputation for indulging in some cheese-drizzled hair metal from time to time. Some of his favorites include Totalitär, Anti-Cimex, BGK, COC, Out Cold, Necros, Battalion of Saints, Die Kreuzen, Wipers, Killing Joke, The Damned, Generation X… and Poison Idea (duh). Also, a direct quote: “The first Skid Row record RULES. Fight me.”

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Eric Chubb is Sorry State's rookie team member. Having an affinity for fast hardcore punk as well as 90/early 2000s pop punk and melodic punk, some of his favorites are: Poison Idea, Ramones, Gauze, Wasted Time, Green Day, Marked Men, Masshysteri... just to name a few.

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Vincent Chung is to Sorry State what Beau Beau was to Avail. He bears no official capacity outside of the token cheerleader and doesn't even chip in for gas. His tastes are “all kinds of music, including country and rap,” but when it comes to rowdy rock ‘n roll, he regularly rotates Raspberries, Rorschach, The Replacements, The Ruts, Rain on the Parade, Red Monkey, Reigning Sound, The Rezillos, Ramones, Repos, resol, Red Dons, and anything John Reis swings his axe on.

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