Guitar Wolf: Jet Reason

    Jet Reason - Guitar Wolf

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    Ummm... did Guitar Wolf recently stumble into a Zyanose show or something? The other day Seth put on the new Guitar Wolf album, T-Rex from a Tiny Space, and the opening track, "Jet Reason," absolutely floored me. It's one of the noisiest, most chaotic, visceral, and thrilling songs I've heard, and it shows that you don't need a million studs on your jacket to create a truly wild noise. Looking for a streaming link to make this post, I was surprised to find that the band actually went to the trouble of making a really cool video for this, the noisiest, nastiest, and wildest track on the album. After this track, T-Rex from a Tiny Space largely settles into more familiar Guitar Wolf territory, but man, this track!

    Oh, and after listening to this for like the fifth time in a row I just noticed that the song's main riff is pretty much just "Filler" by Minor Threat. No wonder I like it so much.

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