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Personalized Concierge Service

Personalized Concierge Service

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Want to shake up your playlist?

Want to support Sorry State while our brick and mortar shop is closed?

Try Sorry State's new Concierge Service!

The other day one of our regular customers (hi Kim!) was looking for something new to listen to while she was working from home during quarantine. She gave us a few bucks and asked us to put together a few records we thought she would like. We had fun putting together her little care package and thought to ourselves, "maybe some other people would like this!" And thus, Sorry State's new Concierge Service was born.

We are currently offering three levels of service:

For $25 your bag will include mostly 7"s and/or selections from our bargain bin (records priced $5 and below)

For $50 your bagĀ can include a few LPs as well as 7"s and bargain bin items

For $100 your bag can include basically anything we carry

Note that these aren't intended to be "mystery packs" or blind grab bags. Choose your level of service and we'll get in touch for a consultation by phone, email, or live chat. You tell us what kind of stuff you'd be interested in receiving and we'll pull some personalized selections from our massive inventory. We can even double-check with you to make sure we aren't sending you anything you already have.

We're still fine-tuning this idea, so if you have any suggestions for how this might work better please let us know!