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Various: Molde Punx Go Marching Out (1980-1983) 12"

Various: Molde Punx Go Marching Out (1980-1983) 12"

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Historic reissue of this obscure Punk compilation from 1983 – by the ones who know about its existence considered the Holy Grail of Norwegian Punk and Hardcore – featuring Bannlyst, Anfall & Nevrose.

Ending at less than 30 numbered cassettes suffering from hiss, mud and low output in 1983, it`s now restored from unearthed source material by Cease Fire! and remastered for vinyl by Audun Strype.

Members of bands on this release went on to form bands like Svart Framtid, Kafka Prosess, Stengte Dører and So Much Hate – all strong bands in the Norwegian and European Hardcore scene.

Our take: Molde Punx was a tape compilation that came out in Norway in 1983, and here that rare document gets reshaped as a beautifully packaged double LP. Molde Punx captures the prehistory of the Norwegian hardcore scene, and while only two of the bands that appear here made records (Bannlyst and Anfall), according to the hype sticker, members of these bands eventually played in more widely known (though, in America, not by much) Norwegian hardcore bands like Kafka Prosess, Svart Framtid, and So Much Hate. Most of the bands on Molde Punx, though, count the compilation as their only formal release. All the groups here are punk, but there’s a wide range of styles, from nervy art punk to blistering hardcore and just about everything in between (or at least everything that existed at the time). As someone who appreciates the full stylistic spectrum of 70s and 80s punk and loves the minutiae of small regional scenes like the one documented here, I am fascinated by the whole thing and don’t feel compelled to skip a single track. Along with the wealth of music, the full-color, LP-sized booklet compiles photos, flyers, and other visual ephemera from the period, and it’s a joy to pore over even though I can’t read Norwegian at all. The execution is on the level of well-regarded reissue labels like Numero Group and Radio Raheem, and with a ton of killer bands you can’t hear anywhere else, this is an essential grip for me.