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Apsurd: Derealizacija/Svemu Će Doći Kraj 12"

Apsurd: Derealizacija/Svemu Će Doći Kraj 12"

Tags: · 20s · hardcore · hcpmf · raw · recommended · serbia
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Apsurd's Derealizacija/Svemu će doći kraj 12" is the band's first output in the form of vinyl format.

Actually, it's a collection of two EP's. A-side brings you six songs previously released as a tape "Derealizacija" while the B-side includes six entirely new songs recorded last year in the bands practice room on primitive 4-track machine.

If you somehow missed one of our favourite bands from the ex-YU area, we'll mention that Apsurd are Belgrade based group of individuals, even though the band members come from Serbia and share drummer from USA. There's no much difference in the songwriting style when it comes to newly recorded "Svemu će doći kraj" EP and we mean that in a good way. The band still plays straightforward, energetic and noisy hardcore punk heavily influenced by the punk and hardcore scene of former Yugoslavia. Throw in some vibe and influence from Crass Records and Corpus Christi catalogue and you'll get the picture right there.

Whether we're talking about primal and primitive hardcore of U.B.R., scratchy and noisy guitar work of Solunski Front or the hopeless female yelling and spoken word moments Tožibabe were known for, this band covers it all. We like to tell people this is Yugo-punk reinvented for the new millenium so if this means anything to you don't sleep on this pogoing punk troops!

Available in purple and orange silkscreened sleeves with two sided insert with lyrics and english translations. Limited to 500 copies.

A side recorded, mixed and mastered by Jasmin Dasović. B side recorded and mixed by D.R. Sjordgrendsten, mastered by Jimi 3B.  Vinyl master: Ivan Jakić. Artwork: Saturnov Okot.

Our take: Derealizacija/Svemu Će Doći Kraj collects two recordings from Belgrade’s Apsurd: one from 2017 that previously came out on cassette and a new recording. If you’re familiar with 80s Yugoslavian punk—in particular Tožibabe—Absurd should get you excited. The band records on an old 4 track and the sound and production are of a piece with the great Yugoslavian punk from the 80s, while the band’s style takes influences from those bands as well, particularly how Tožibabe combined fast hardcore punk with death rock and anarcho punk. Absurd isn’t just for scholars of some long-ago punk scene, though; they sound fresh and vital despite their clear nods to punk history. Another good reference point is the Soga tape that Iron Lung released on 12” in 2019. Like that release, Derealizacija/Svemu Će Doći Kraj is raw but infectious, capturing the energy and spirit of 80s punk without sounding like a copy or a rehash. I predict this is one of those records I’ll blowing people’s minds with in 5 or 10 years… I can picture myself saying, “oh you don’t know the Apsurd 12”?” and watching some young punk’s jaw hit the floor as they hear their new favorite band.