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Voivod:  Killing Technology 12"

Voivod: Killing Technology 12"

Tags: · 80s · hcpmf · reissues · thrash
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Voivod is a heavy metal band from Quebec that originally formed in 1982 and became one of the first Canadian thrash acts to receive international acclaim. They began as a speed metal band, while adding a mix of progressive and thrash metal to create their own unique style. BMG is proud to offer new remastered vinyl reissues of their trio of classic studio albums released on the Noise Records label including Rrröööaaarrr (1986), Killing Technology (1987) and Dimension Hatröss (1988).


Voivod's three albums for Noise Records from ‚Äė86 to '88 ran the gauntlet from the initial speed metal overkill of Rrr√∂√∂√∂aaarrr, followed by the more experimental studio processes forged on Killing Technology, then onto the more realized progressive tendencies of Dimension Hatr√∂ss, which used studio sampling for the first time and, in doing so, laid the basis upon which many progressive metal bands have followed ever since.


The band's third full album, 1987's Killing Technology, perfectly reinforces their image of a post-apocalyptic wasteland set against a thrashing-punk-speed-metal soundscape. This definitive issue of Killing Technology is a must-have for any fan of these unique and groundbreaking progressive metal masters.