Eric Nervous: Teen Distortion Art Junk Music 7" (new)

Neck Chop Records


Remember what it was like being a bored teenager? The awkward feelings of being frustrated and anxious all the time. Most of us just took it out on our friends and parents, not Erik Nervous. The self-described “Loner with a four track” lays it all out in his music. His spastic jerky delivery (on all the instruments he plays on this 7”) combined with his apprehensive vocals are the perfect combination! Punk is built on this formula but rarely do we have somebody like Erik to execute it in the way it should be done. Building on what he started with the Warm Ratio 7”, this EP certifies that Erik is right where others strive to be. Don’t snooze on this one!

Our take: I was in love with Erik Nervous from moment #1, and this new 6-songer just continues the obsession. If you're a fan of what's now been pretty much cemented as the Northwest Indiana sound (i.e. Coneheads, CCTV) then it's more or less a given that you'll like Erik Nervous a lot too... his music has that same nervous energy, not to mention that same weird and claustophobic guitar sound, that everyone came to really love on the Coneheads LP. However, Erik Nervous tends to sprinkle his tunes with more liberal doses of pop fairy dust, and while that's perhaps slightly more evident on his first EP for Lumpy Records, you definitely get some of that here, particularly on the synth-driven "People Falling Over," which is by far my favorite track on the record. Teen Distortion Art Junk Music may be a little faster and harder than the previous Erik Nervous stuff, but I'm sure there's more than a fair share of people who like this even more for it. As for me, I'm just going to continue lapping up whatever this guy puts out. Highly recommended.
Tags: 10s melodic punk recommended