Cereal Killer: Demo 7"

Neck Chop Records


Split release with Anti Fade Records in Australia! Features members of Ausmuteants, Wet Blankets, and Orb. Previously released as a demo on cassette only but has since been mastered for vinyl AND includes a previously unreleased bonus track recorded during the same session, “I Don’t Want Any Sandwiches”. Screaming garage-punk that is over before you knew what hit you. Zane’s frantic vocals punch through your ear holes and grab you by the guts.

Our take: Collection of demo recordings from this Australian band. While this is definitely on the hardcore end of the spectrum, something about it has a distinctly Australian quality. Listening to Cereal Killer, I'm reminded a lot of the more hardcore songs on the great Leather Towel LP from last year. I remember reading an interview with that band and they said that they started out being heavily inspired by Brown Sugar's Songs of Birds and Racism LP, but then realized halfway through the writing process that they really just wanted to write pop songs. Well, Cereal Killer sound kind of like Leather Towel if they'd stuck with that Brown Sugar influence. The production is raw and analog-y, and while the songs are definitely hardcore, they're hardcore that's slightly skewed, more Mecht Mensch than Minor Threat, but also sprinkled with a slightly absurdist sensibility. The playing and the songwriting are both really wild as well, making this EP a real white-knuckler that seems to whiz past you before you can even really make sense of it, which just makes me want to listen to it again, which I seem to be doing over and over and over.
Tags: 10s australia garage punk recommended yoobl