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Contempt: S/T 12"

Contempt: S/T 12"

Tags: · 20s · hcpmf · metallic hardcore · oi! · Spain
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After the demo-single tape we released in march 2020 it was finally time for a vinyl output of this great band from Murcia and here you have it.

Despite all the problems and setbacks generated by covid-related restrictions plus other complications, which fully hit the band’s recording schedule, the vinyl debut of CONTEMPT is finally out!

Here we have here 8 tracks of some of the heaviest, meanest and musically richest OI! played nowadays: guitar driven, epic, melodic yet hard-hitting, with even a metal-ish edge and some Rock influences.
This feels like an iron fist in a velvet glove: Heavy as fuck yet gentle in the delivery. Very powerful tunes with hand-crafted guitar arrangements which help creating an overall momumental feel, a demolishing rythm section with perfect sounding drums and bass distortion and an amazing vocal delivery perfectly pitched, rough and yet clear with lyrics full of pride without stupid prejudices,about personal issues, historical references, love for their land without being a stupid knucklehead, socio-economic troubles. Inspirational, menacing, prideful down-to-earth lyrics.

The first time i listened to these songs my jaw just dropped, i could feel the attention to detail, the level of effort and commitment in the creative process and, in each consecutive listen, discovering little details that just made my love for this band grow and grow. I just feel very lucky to be able to release such powerful and significant (at least for me) music.

Our take: If you’re a fan of modern oi!, keep an eye on Spain’s Mendeku Diskak label, which has been releasing some great current bands. While some of the label’s bands lean toward hardcore, Contempt’s sound is dark, melodic, and even sophisticated (at least as far as you can call oi! music sophisticated). The songs march forward at a steady, unhurried clip and the vocalist barks out the lyrics in a typically gruff style, but the music is unique, particularly for the style. The chord progressions have an epic quality that reminds me of Iron Maiden or something, but that triumphant feel in the riffing contrasts with guitar leads that are equally melodic, but with a slightly mournful sound. I’m reminded of some Leatherface songs (like “Dead Industrial Atmosphere,” for instance), but the band Contempt really recalls is Battle Ruins. While the vocals are gruff and earthy rather than soaring and melodic, there’s a shared approach to putting together the instrumental parts. Fans of Criminal Damage and Complications will warm right up to Contempt too.