Rhetoric: Mosh Trosh & Guzzle cassette

Rhetoric: Mosh Trosh & Guzzle cassette

Tags: · 2024 · 80s · Aftermath Tapes · cassette · hardcore · hcpmf · lo-fi · raw · reissues · UK
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1st CST ever released from the mighty mid/late 80's UKHC scene!


This is the official repress of the self-released demo by the legendary UK CRUST band from Great Yarmouth, Norfolk in East Anglia, also known by their appearance on "Consolidation EP", together with their brothers in arms Deviated Instinct and Revulsion, released by their bassist/vocalist and co-founder Andy Smith's Pathway Records.

Originally self-released by the band in 1986, in only a few copies. Fortunately, one of them ended up for a review in Karlovac City for my friend's Dusko Buic ( Dule KLC ) zine Black Side. This is the reason why this release saw the light of the day, remastered by Ivan Jakic and pro-dubbed 150 white with black pad print in white covers with the sticker included!

Biography by Andy Smith:

Formed in 1985 by 2 school friends Andy Smith on bass and Paul 'Charlie' Harper on drums in Great Yarmouth, Norfolk, UK. They were soon joined by Chris Alcock on guitar and Jim Box, on vocals and started to make a noise on the live circuit in 1986, with their first ever gig in Dover with the mighty Atavistic. Influenced mainly by Anarcho-punk bands such as Conflict, Discharge, and the likes, they embarked on many gigs throughout the UK, playing with the likes of Heresy, ENT, Electro Hippies, Ripcord, and Atavistic, to name but a few. Andy Smith left the band in 1988 to pursue other musical interests.

  • Label: Aftermath Tapes
  • Format Type: cassette
  • Year: 2024