Efialtis: Κολοσσιαίο Γυναικείο Κεφάλι 7"

La Vida Es Un Mus

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Recorded at the same session that their debut EP on Static Shock Records and comprising one new track and two songs from their debut demo EFIALTIS second vinyl offering sees the band delivering a punch in the face of male musical normality. EFIALTIS, an all female London based trio with heavy Greek/ Cypriot/ Welsh roots, brings what feels like the most menacing, stomping feral punk recorded in the last few years. Their sound is militant and obviously punk based. Their songs are simple, anthemic and mechanical. Their beat is perfect marching punk and in my dreams I see a bill with CRISIS, STRESS(GR) and CONTROPOTERE where after the last note church, state and any form of oppression is overtaken.

Recorded at NO Studios by the almighty John Hannon and with artwork by the band including a duotone lyric insert. Comes with download code.

Our take: Second EP from this London band, following hot on the heels of their debut for Static Shock a few weeks ago. This EP focuses on more mid-paced songs, but the drive and the catchiness that characterized their other EP is still very much intact here, benefitting from a very clear and powerful recording. Efialtis's music is undeniably straightforward, lacking the complexity of more technical hardcore bands, but since they don't overplay Efialtis are able to get so much catchiness from the subtle rhythmic complexities of their songs. Though the vibe is completely different, there's something of the sensibility of very straightforward second-wave UK punk... songs that are so simple that anyone could learn how to play them, but so well-played and well-recorded that they immediately jam themselves into your head to join the canon of punk classics. Grab this one and their other one post-haste!
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