The Pacifics: Quadrafenians 7"

Mistkäfer Records


"The second of Dublin combo The Pacifics' Mistkäfer label four track seven-inch EP platters to hit the stands, and once again the grooves are packed to the gills with scorching beat-centred rock'n'roll goodness. And whatta gobsmackingly clever, and humourous title they've chosen for it too! In taking a seasoned rocker in the shape of 'Wine, Wine, Wine' and rechristening it 'Cans, Cans, Cans', shows that these young lads - much like the Hamburg-era Beatles long before them - have a distinctly fresh outlook on modern life. Some thumping great Kinks-style injections can also be detected in 'When I'm Gone' and in the main riff they scratch out in 'Burgers & Chips'.
The double-sided, two-colour (green of course) wrap-around sleeve displays echoes of those great vintage Good Vibrations releases; that featured such as RUDI, the Outcasts, Xdreamysts, etc! This record can turn frowns into smiles with a simple snare crack and the crunch of a bunch of fat git chords. The group's basic approach and sparkling vitality could see them go far! Look out for this lot playing in a town somewhere near you soon."

Lenny Helsing
Tags: garage ireland melodic punk raw recommended yoobl