S.H.I.T.: I 7"

La Vida Es Un Mus


S.H.I.T. have been one of the best bands doing it live and on record for a few years now and here on their fourth 7" (and first since 2014) they reassert their place as mainstays of Toronto's killer scene by serving up four more tracks of total hardcore moving forward through chaos. Insidiation blowing a wild storm hung around an unstoppable chugging riff, panic and terror building as the song pounds onwards. Incorporation shifting from warped siren blare to terrible tear. Barks of frustration, howls of anger, emerging from the bruising punk squall, anguished and disgusted. A record that careers with breakneck verve from sinister pulse to blazing hardcore bombardment.

S.H.I.T.S’s new EP artwork was designed by the greatest Teodoro Hernández and comes with a download code.

Our take: I picked up a tape with three of these songs on it last spring when S.H.I.T. played Damaged City fest and I thought it was cool, but when I dropped the needle on this piece of vinyl my head nearly exploded. I've always liked S.H.I.T., but I is a truly next-level release. It's really hard to pinpoint precisely what makes this so much better, but I think it largely comes down to two abstract qualities: power and vibe. In terms of power, these four songs are just head-crushingly intense... they're predominantly midpaced, and they have this supremely confident swagger that simply can't be faked. The vibe thing is even harder to pinpoint and explain. It's best displayed, though, on the first track, which is really just a repeating riff (kind of like the intro on a youth crew / tough guy hardcore-type record) with a bunch of noises and sound effects layered on top of it. It's simple, but it's perfectly executed, reminding me of nothing so much as G.I.S.M. in the way that it seems to transport you into another universe when you listen to it. Sure, there are bands out there who kind of sound like S.H.I.T.--Blazing Eye comes immediately to mind, for instance--but this record truly transcends the whole "if you like X, you'll probably like this too" formula. This is simply a work of art. Highly recommended.
Tags: 10s canada hardcore punk recommended yoobl