Perverts Again: My Accident 7" (new)

Total Punk Records


Six years in and here it is, our 50th single on Total Punk. Including represses that’s over 30,000 handstamped covers, hundreds of blisters, and countless hours of mind numbing labor. That being the case we wanted to go big with number 50.  Cleveland’s Perverts Again blew me away with last year’s ‘Our Big Party’ 12” on Non-Commercial Records and were quickly elevated to favorite band status (not to mention their mascot game is on point). Well the Perverts are back with two more of their signature, warbled, repetitive  punk incantations.  Plodding bass and drums, slow macho riffs, and gang chants all moved forward by the monotone delivery and of the head Pervert. Weird, catchy, sarcastic, and 100% TOTAL PUNK. Look for an LP on Total Punk later this year.

Our take: Latest 7” from these Cleveland miscreants, and if you loved their debut LP (and a lot of you did!) you’ll be fully on board for this single as well. While Perverts Again features members of Cruelster, they’re less grounded in northern Ohio’s tradition of wild, nihilistic hardcore and more in its tradition of weird, off-kilter art-rock. You definitely hear threads of early Devo and Electric Eels here, but even more than that I think that Perverts Again sound of a piece with Darvocets’ nervous, quirky punk. The rhythms make you feel like insects are crawling all over your skin, and the lyrics consist primarily of cryptic phrases (like “underneath your clothes you’re not naked”) which sound like poorly-translated dispatches from some far-off cosmic colonial overlord. Perverts Again, without a doubt, have one of the most distinctive voices in modern underground punk, and if you’re on board with what they’re doing this single is another essential listen.
Tags: 10s cleveland punk recommended