Ötzi: Gong Show 7"

Sorry State Records

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This Oakland trio puts forth a powerful goth/post-punk sound that listens like a guiding light in a dark dream. "Gong Show" is the slightly more fuzzy and upbeat of the two, while "Sunbeam" is a more morose reliving of bad memories. Both songs are well-crafted, with the two main vocalists trading off and interweaving their distinctive voices with each other and the rest of the music in majestic and captivating ways. "Juju"-era SIOUXIE AND THE BANSHEES, along with elements of the CHAMELEONS, are decent starting points, but these songs are truly ÖTZI's own creations.

From MRR #408:
I can’t decide which side I like better. If you dig the dark and (heavy on the) dreamy side of post-punk, you’re definitely gonna need to grab this Bay Area trio’s vinyl debut. The drums are sturdy and the guitar, bass, and keyboards all interplay in the most wonderfully majestic ways. Each member contributes vocally, all delivered passionately. It’s gothy while still being super catchy. The recording / mix suits them perfectly. This group is also a total pleasure to catch live, especially if you wanna see some impressive up-stroking on the bass. Totally dig this. Obscure band comparison of the day: Austria’s ASTARON.
Tags: 10s goth-punk melodic post-punk yoobl