Not Necessarily the News #5 zine

Hip Kid Records


lengthy interviews with Ralph/The Bug/Not Normal, a local Chicago author Ralph McGeary, and Dusteaters, as well as some stuff by me about records, and Metallica and stuff

Our take: Latest issue of this zine by Jim from Boilerman / Hip Kid Records. The centerpieces of this issue are interviews with two Ralphs: Ralph from Not Normal Tapes / the Bug and fantasy novelist Ralph McGeary. The interviews are both well-conducted and engaging with a ton of depth. The interviews take up probably 75% of the zine, and the rest is taken up with interesting content as well, my favorite being a revisitation of some of Jim's favorite records from his teenage street punk years. This is pretty much my favorite kind of zine... pensive, not flashy, and with an emphasis on discussing punk with a much greater degree of depth than your social media feed.
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