Night Force: Demo 2015 cassette

Brain Abuse Records


When I heard this demo a couple of years ago I was blown away and this reissue has been in the works for some time. After some delays and a few setbacks on our end Brain Abuse is proud to bring you a reissue of this killer German demo.

After the untimely demise of Skaggs Yannick had formed Missing Link which eventually morphed into Night Force. The thing that really stands out about this demo to me is its ability to take a tried and true formula (Late 80's NYHC) and turn it on its head. The tasteful use of chorus pedal takes an old sound and makes it completely new and unique. The lyrics do a great job of being not only interesting but also complimenting the sound and artwork that gives this release an interesting and almost futuristic feeling.

Our take: US reissue of this German band’s demo tape, arriving at just about the same time as their debut vinyl for Quality Control HC, which you can also grab from us. Night Force remind me a lot of Austin’s Glue in that they tend to rely on that old hardcore oompah beat for their fast parts, but the real meat of their songwriting is in the mid-paced parts, which are just insanely catchy. In a typical hardcore song, the mosh part provides a brief respite from the relentless speed, but for bands like Night Force it’s almost the opposite… I kind of feel like I’m sitting through the fast parts while I wait for another one of their incredible catchy mid-paced riffs. If you dig the catchy, dance-floor-opening sound of bands like Glue or Drugcharge you should definitely check this band out… they do it right.
Tags: 10s germany hardcore nyhc recommended ushc yoobl