Negativ: Automatic Thoughts 7" (new)

Byllepest Distro


Killer debut EP from this hardcore band out of Oslo, Norway

Our take: Debut 7" from this Norwegian band that has been circulating around the internet for a few months, and now we finally have the physical copies to enjoy. After starting with a primitive SOA-style banger based around a punishing polka beat and snare rolls as jagged as a prison shiv, Negativ settle into a pleasantly thrash-infused take on 80s hardcore. The music reminds me a lot of Direct Control and Strung Up in the way that the song structures and overall energy seem to be borrowed from 80s hardcore, but the riffs have a little bit of that thrash metal complexity. Also like those bands, Negativ seem focused on writing songs that are catchy, not just brutal. While that describes the general style, there are a lot of interesting little additional touches on this EP as well; maybe it's because I was listening to Darkthrone last night, but some of these choices--like the rather trebly, reverb-y production and the sloppily multi-tracked vocals on some of the choruses--seem like they could possibly be subtle references to vintage Norwegian black metal? Or maybe they're just sounds Norwegians like? Regardless, it may be completely in my imagination and/or based on some faulty cultural assumptions, but those subtle touches also help to make the vibe of this release really unique. It seems like there is less and less straight up catchy, fast hardcore coming out these days, and if that's your steez this one should definitely be in your collection.
Tags: 10s hardcore norway punk recommended reissues scandinavia yoobl